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Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining for Chronic Conditions

About Gupta Program 7.0
What is Gupta Program?

Gupta Program™ Brain Retraining is a Powerful Revolutionary Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness & Holistic Health Program For Chronic Conditions. 

Our research shows that many chronic conditions could be caused by abnormalities in the brain. Brain retraining resets the immune system and nervous system, allowing health to return. These conditions include:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) | M.E. | Long-Haul Covid | Fibromyalgia | Multiple Chemical Sensitivities / Electrical / Mold Sensitivities / CIRS | MCAS | Pain Syndromes | Anxiety/Panic | Adrenal Fatigue | Irritable Bowel Syndrome I SIBO I Burnout | Lyme | Dysautonomia | POTS or any Related conditions?

What is included?
  • Access Video Training to Heal at Your Own Pace
  • Daily Live Sessions with Expert Coaches
  • Get Ongoing Live Coaching With Ashok Gupta
  • Free Access to Numerous Healing Meditations, Videos & Events
  • Receive Loving Support From Fellow Brain Retrainers
  • VIP Access to Regular Private Events, Healing Sessions, & More…we’re Here for You!

Renowned doctors and specialists highly recommend our program. 
In fact, a recent randomized controlled trials have demonstrated its superior effectiveness in treating Long Covid and Fibromyalgia.

"The majority of patients that I treat with chronic infections, such as Lyme disease, and chronic environmental toxicity, like mold, develop severe limbic dysfunction. I have found Ashok Gupta's program to be of great benefit in helping these patients to heal. In fact, when patients have become unusually sensitive or reactive, it is mandatory that they start with limbic retraining or they are not likely to make much progress. Hundreds of my patients have reported marked benefits from Ashok’s materials and I strongly encourage their use."

Dr. Neil Nathan MD - Global Renowned Expert in Mold Illness, Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine

"As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I've suffered my own series of health challenges. The Gupta Program has been the neuroplasticity piece that was missing from my personal and clinical protocols. I'm recommending literally almost every client we have to take the Gupta Program, especially since I've already seen progress in myself using the course. Change is possible!"

Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP - Functional Medicine Expert, Podcast Host and Author

"At Mast Cell 360, the Gupta Program is a part of our core program for those with complex, chronic Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Histamine Intolerance, Mold Toxicity, and related conditions. It was such a game-changer for our clients, we made it one of the first steps for anyone starting the Mast Cell 360 program. Thank you for offering this amazing program for those who are suffering to help them get their health and lives back!! It is truly a service to the world."

Beth O'Hara, Doctorate in Naturopathy - Specializing in Functional Naturopathy, Mast Cell Activation (MCAS) and Histamine Specialist

“The Gupta Program is one of a kind, helping patients improve their health in a variety of ways and addressing a multitude of ailments.”

Dr. Michael Ruscio DNM, DC Functional Medicine Expert, The Austin Center for Functional Medicine

“This program works! The limbic system-immune connection is an often overlooked link in the chronic illness puzzle and a huge game changer in helping patients bust through the ceilings they are hitting in their health. What I love most about the Gupta Program is its holistic nature. It acknowledges all areas of health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) so you leave no stones unturned in getting to the root causes of your greatest health challenges."

Dr. Lauryn Lax, OTR, NTP, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nutritionist, & Functional Medicine. Author.

“I now recommend the Gupta Program to all my patients as I believe that it plays a key role in their recovery. I have been very impressed with patients’ feedback and with the improvement that they experience.”

Dr Tina Peers MBBS.DRCOG DFSRH FFSRH, The Menopause Consultancy & MCAS Expert

"The Gupta Method is one of the most effective ways to help sensitive patients overcome their hypersensitivity"

Dr Christine Schaffner ND, Physician

Join the thousands who have experienced remarkable benefits from our neuroplasticity “limbic” brain retraining program. Start your journey towards healing and reclaiming your life today. 

Start for free and embark on your transformational path.